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OCTOBER 12, 2020


Call to Order:         The meeting of the Big Pine Civic Club was called to order by President Sandy Lund at 4:52 p.m. at Mindelhall Park. There were 24 in attendance


Flag Salute:                Sandy Lund


Treasurer’s Report:  Cindy Schlick reported that over $400.00 was collected from tree slices so far as well as $4,400 collected for the new tree including donations and additional dues.  The cost of the felling of the tree was $3,200.00.




  1. Big Pine Tree Follow-Up
  2. The Farm Advisor, Dustin Blakey, developed a long list, with pictures of recommended tree replacement options. Sandy went over all the choices and there was much discussion. The California Incense Cedar was the number one recommendation and all agreed because it is fast growing and grows up to 80’ tall
  3. Sandy said she will call Chalfant Trees for a price for the tree and delivery. She suggested the choice and information be put on Facebook.
  4. Sandy asked for a committee to look at the pile of limbs and logs that are left to decide what to do with them in the way of coasters, ornaments, etc. Jesse Steel, Brett Sinnot and Charles James offered to be on the committee.




  1. Information from Jesse Steel about the Laser he has for branding tree remains. Jesse said his laser is available for engraving on the wood for fund raisers, etc.


  1. Big Pine Civic Club and American Legion re: farewell party for Rick and LeeAnn Fields - Rick and LeeAnn don’t want a party due to Covid. They are moving to Indiana soon.  It was decided to make a big card for folks to sign at Carroll’s Market.


  1. Christmas Plans
  2. There were several suggestions for Christmas which will be on the first Sunday of December.
  3. There will be lights on the flagpole like last year.
  4. Brett Sinnot suggested a drive up for the kids to see Santa and get stockings. He will check with Damon.  Brett said he is now in charage of the flag displays.
  5. Sandy suggested there be a resident and a Main Street contest for the best Christmas decorations. Alex Rossi and Paul Huett will be a committee for the contests.


  1. Other: Discussion of Highway cleanup dates. Sandy said the Highway cleanup will be Saturday, October 24th at 9:00 a.m.  Meet at the kiosk.




  1. American Legion Post and Auxiliary – Francie Fortney reported that their members are going to Bishop for meetings, They need more members for a Big Pine meeting.  She said the Auxiliary made masks for all of the school kids.


  1. School Report -  Miss Allison said the grammer school children who went back to school are all so happy. They appreciate the masks. There may be some ball games after the first of the year.


  1. County Sheriff –
  2. Juan Martinez reported that the Sheriff’s Office has been very busy lately, but he didn’t have numbers. Charles James, from the Sierra Wave would like to have more information on crimes. He said the pandemic is impacting crime rates in the area.  Juan said they are available to do welfare checks, and do call dispatch if you see problems.
  3. Cindy Schlick said that the Civic Club bought 120 masks with the sheriff’s emblem on them and presented the masks to them last month.
  4. Charles James said he’d like to have a Candidate for Supervisor Forum. H will look into it with Sandy.
  5. Sandy said to be sure and vote for Paul Huett for School Board so the Tribe is represented.


NEXT MEETING:  To be announced.


REFRESHMENTS:  To be announced.


ADJOURNMENT:   There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:42 p.m. by President, Sandy Lund.


Respectfully submitted:



Bobbie  Lovig, Recording Secretary