content_Board_Event_Date: 2021-02-08



FEBRUARY 8, 2021


Call to Order:         The meeting of the Big Pine Civic Club was called to order by President

                                    Sandy Lund at 6:00 p.m.

There were 14  in attendance.


Flag Salute:                Sandy Lund


Minutes:                     Minutes of the October, 2020 Meeting posted on line.  The minutes were approved

                                    by the membership.


Treasurer’s Report:  Cindy Schlick  wasn’t able to attend the meeting, but Sandy said $4,000 has been donated for the new trees.




  1. December Christmas Lights Contests. Sandy said the displays were outstanding. The Civic Club will probably hold the same kind of contest next year.  The results will be posted on Chat.
  2. Big Pine Tree Follow-Up
  3. Sandy said there are good responses on the coasters and the smaller ones that can be ornaments or magnets. More bowls will be available.
  4. Chalfant Trees can provide three 8’ trees. Sandy will send an email out regarding cost of the trees and expected planting dates.




  1. Scholarships – Sandy said Howard will handle the scholarships and they will be done the same as last year with two $1,000 scholarships given out. $250.00 will be given up front for books.


  1. Citizen of the Year Conversation – The discussion will continue at the next meeting.


  1. Plans for 2021
  2. Easter suggestions included eggs and cookies given out at Carrol’s Market on Easter day.
  3. There was a good discussion about the 4th of July. It is hoped there can be a BBQ so folks can come and get food like hot dogs, hamburgers and even tri-tip.  A committee  will be formed at the next meeting with more ideas with younger residents hopefully getting involved.
  4. Tyler Starbard suggested the BPCC consider endorsing a plan for a frisby disc course. He is has been in contact with Jen Roeser.  It was suggested that a letter to the Supervisors be sent from BPCC for a recommendation and in support of the course. Bobbie will get with Tyler for the wording.







  1. Auxiliary Judy Hilton reported they are doing packages for local military.  Sunny Mesa is working on An American Essay in March.


  1. County Sheriff – Jeff Hollowell reported there were 670 incidents since his last report. There were 80 cases including 32 felonies, 29 misdemeanors. Jeff said there were no burglaries reported. He said several deputies life in Big Pine now so there is good drive by coverage.


  1. Supervisor – Jen Roeser said she is working with Tyler on the disc course and also working with the Veterans Advisory Committee.


OTHER:   Kevin Carunchio welcomed Jen Roeser as the incoming Supervisor.

He said he still wants to have Carrot Cake contests in the future.


NEXT MEETING:  March 8, 2021 at 6:00 pm.


ADJOURNMENT:   There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m. by President, Sandy Lund.


Respectfully submitted:



Bobbie  Lovig, Recording Secretary